• Kristen Jones

Bold Bedside Tables Your Bedroom Needs

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It should instantly make you feel at ease, but it should also reflect your personality more than any other room in the house. I've rounded up my favorite nightstands for those with bold dreams!

Copper Cabinet Nightstand by Flatiron Wrought

Designed with a strong architectural presence, this diagonal metal nightstand adds an element of industrial style with blackened steel.

The linear, clean-lined form slips into an array of spaces as a sleek option for storage and displaying curiosities.


Handcarved Thalia Nightstand by Anthropologie

The contrasting, hand-carved design on this globally-inspired piece creates an optical delight worthy of a double-take. Finished with sleek aluminum pulls, it provides a well-balanced juxtaposition to soft bedding and rugs.


Scallop Grey Bone Inlay Nightstand by Crate & Barrel

Framed in silvery nickel, this handcrafted jewel of a nightstand displays an inlay pattern of gorgeous grey scallops. Carved from natural bone, each scallop takes to the grey dye differently resulting in a beautiful array of tonal grey. To add to its glamorous appeal, a drop-down drawer opens to reveal a painted grey interior. The nightstand adds a striking artisanal accent to the bedroom, each piece exhibiting its own unique arrangement of color and tone. The Scallop Grey Bone Inlay Nightstand is a Crate and Barrel exclusive.


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