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Home Organization Projects You Can Tackle in 1 Hour or Less

In the perfect world, you’d be able to carve out hours (or days!) at a time to get your home perfectly organized.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, and most people don’t have that kind of time. But the good news? You don’t need a crazy amount of free time to organize your home; there’s plenty you can do with just an hour—or even less.

A recent article from outlined the most effective home organization projects based on the time available—some of which you can complete in one hour or less. So, what are some of the best organizational projects to tackle when you’re tight on time?

  • If you have 5 minutes, do a quick declutter. If you only have a few minutes to organize, look for an area that’s visibly cluttered—like a kitchen countertop or coffee table—and spend that time putting unnecessary items away and clearing the space.

  • If you have 15 minutes, clean out your junk drawer. Just because your junk drawer is full of miscellaneous items doesn’t mean it has to be disorganized! If you have 15 minutes, empty out your junk drawer and use small plastic drawer inserts to organize and separate items by type or category.

  • If you have 1 hour, get your children’s toys in order. If you have kids, chances are, there are toys everywhere. Next time you have an hour, clean up all the toys that are out and about in your home. Then, pack away all but 10 toys. 10 toys is a manageable number and won’t overwhelm your space with clutter—and when your kids are ready to play with something new, just rotate in 10 new toys from their collection.

The Takeaway: Bottom line? You don’t need a ton of time to get your house organized. By tackling these smaller projects, you can get your home in order—an hour (or even a few minutes!) at a time.


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