• Kristen Jones

Learn to Love Condo Living

Story by Jean Beatty, as it appeared on The McEnearney Associates Blog

This year we have seen very tight inventory for townhomes and detached homes as demand has increased. In many areas, the interest in condominiums is not as strong because of more communal aspects to the lifestyle, but we feel that is worth reconsidering.

Condo ownership is the most peaceful type of homeownership. You can live in a beautiful setting without needing to worry about mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, planting flowers or handling other exterior maintenance projects because the association takes care of landscaping and maintaining the common areas for you.

Most condos association fees cover everything outside of the main walls of your home. If a sidewalk needs repair, the condo association takes care of it. Need a new roof? You don’t need to pay for it on your own. You can enjoy living in a park-like atmosphere without needing to buy single-use only tools or finding space for a lawn mower.

Condo fees will also include many amenities that you would have to pay extra for anyplace else. Studies show that people who have fitness equipment in their home are more likely to exercise. Nowadays, most condos have fitness rooms that homeowners can access 24/7. This eliminates the need for an expensive gym membership that you are never going to use, while still allowing you access to higher quality equipment than you could afford on your own.

Another common amenity in condos is a party room, which is an easy and inexpensive way to entertain. Party rooms allow for gatherings of various sizes and occasions. The best part is, there is no need to clean your house ahead of time! Some condos in the DC area even have rooftop decks available for rent for their members. The ones closer to the city have views of the monuments, while others as close in as Reston have mountain views with their breathtaking sunsets in the evenings. Your guests will love it!

When you live in a single-family detached home or townhome, you often need to take time off of work to have someone on standby to pick up packages or let in the maintenance person. With condo living, you no longer have to do that! With a concierge service included in your condo fees, someone will always be available to assist you whether you are out of town or out on the town by taking your packages, helping you with reservations, or letting service people into your apartment. You can travel and enjoy the nightlife without having to worry about missing an important package or a failed delivery.

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