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Playsets, Pools, and Patios… What is the next pandemic must-have for your home?

Story by Mackenzie Horne, as it appeared on The McEnearney Associates Blog

Still can’t find paper towels at your local Target? Me neither. The pandemic has caused many everyday items that we take for granted to literally fly off the shelves.

We saw it this summer with playsets and trampolines, but the craze for outdoor enjoyment extended beyond kids play equipment to the outdoor assets a residential property boasted (like pools and patios). What could possibly be the next must-have to make your stay-at-home experience more tolerable this winter?


Those looking to continue using their outdoor spaces will need to seek out warmth in some form. As long as it is coming from the soothing crackle of a wood-burning firepit or a gas-powered flame – not body heat less than 6 feet away – you will be in good company. These houses are ready for outdoor entertaining on any starry quarantine night.

Spectacular Sunrooms

While it might be hard to find electric heaters or faux fireplaces this winter, now is the time to outfit your three-seasons sunroom in order to maximize its use. Take a look at these spectacular sunrooms that will bring some more light to your quarantine days.

Access To Trails

Hiking in the winter is one of the DMV’s best kept secrets. The quiet and solitude is good any time of year, whether you are walking your dog or trying to tire out your kids in between virtual learning sessions. Check out these local homes with easy access to local trail:

Whether your must-haves include firepits and sunrooms, or you would like a bigger kitchen and a home office, contact me today to explore your options.

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